FreeCell is a card game based on Solitaire that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is essentially different from most other solitaire games as majority of the deals can be solved. Although the software implementations of the game may vary, most of the versions tag the hands with a definite number that is derived randomly.

A version of this game was created by Microsoft to be released with Windows operating systems.

How to play FreeCell

The FreeCell game has a basic layout and construction:

  • A standard deck of 52 cards is dealt in this game.
  • The game includes four open foundations and four open cells. Some alternate versions of the game uses anywhere between one and ten cells.
  • At the beginning of the game, the cards are arranged into eight cascades, out of which four cascades include seven cards and the rest four comprises of six cards. In some alternate cases, the cards may also be dealt in four to ten cascades.

You have to create a space on the upper left corner for the free cells and on the upper right corner for the foundation cards. After you have arranged the cards in cascades and created space for your free cell and foundation cards, it is time now to begin playing FreeCell.

The main aim of the FreeCell game is to shift all the cards placed in the cascades to the four main foundation columns according to suit. You as a player will have to arrange the cards in a sequential order starting from ace and ending with the king. Each of the four foundation piles have to be used to house a single suit. You have to move all the cards around to win the game. You can use the free cells as card holding arenas when you need to.

While playing, you can move the cards from one position to the other as long as the cards are arranged in a descending sequential order. The tableaux should be built in alternating colors. For example, you can place a black 6 on a red 7 or a red 5 on a black 6. Keep moving the cards around while you are building your foundations. If it is difficult for you to use a card, put it in any of the four main free cell positions on the upper left corner until you can find the opportune moment to place it in the foundation column or in one of your columns.

Winning a game of FreeCell

A game of FreeCell is won after all the cards are placed in an ascending order in their foundation piles.